Content Marketing: VIDEO

Create amazing VIDEOS for your business
course: content marketing video
Basic information about this course

HHands-on Course in English for Freelancers and small businesses, who want to learn how to start or improve their content marketing.

Course Content

Concept - 3 hours
  • Introduction - why content marketing?
  • Basic concepts, glossary, definitions
  • Define your brand and purpose
  • Define your target audience
  • Come up with great marketing ideas
  • Content marketing funnels
  • Content marketing formats – writing, visual, video, podcast

  • Formats - Videos - 3 hours
  • Content marketing formats – writing, visual, video, podcast
  • Examples, practical cases
  • Video
  • Create content, training
  • Use of video in company communication

    Promote and Measure - 3 hours
  • Publish video content
  • Promote – social media advertising
  • Measure – statistics tools web y social media
  • Training
  • Questions, conclusions

    Even more Information:

    Small groups between 5 (minimum) and 8 (maximum) persons, so possibility to ask questions, regarding directly to your business.

    Launch Price 2020: €120 / Person for the complete course, 9 hours.

    Registration: by mail to up to 2 days before each course starts.

    Registration valid only with the bank transfer. 2 days before the course start you will get a mail with definit confirmation with all the details. If the minimum participats has not been reached, you can either take the next course or cancel.

    It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most [...] intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change. (Charles Darwin)

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